The village of Bretto is made up of two group of houses, called Bretto Alto and Bretto Basso (“the upper town and the down town”), with the church located halfway.

This little village has linked its name to one branch of the Tasso family: the Tassos from Bretto, who left Cornello and settle here in the 14th cent. In this little village there are still visible proves of their presence: first, on their palace in the Bretto Alto there is the coat of arms of the Tassos, then the church of Saint Louis of Toulose which was given in right of patronage to this prestigious family and also the ancient palace in Bretto Basso, where their coat of arms is depicted in the middle of the main facade.

At the end of the 18th century this family sold all its properties to local families.

Borgo di Bretto
Borgo di Bretto
Palazzo Tasso a Bretto Alto
Palazzo Tasso a Bretto Alto – Ph. Tarcisio Bottani
Contrada di Bretto in un disegno del 1715
Contrada di Bretto in un disegno del 1715 – Archivio Istituto Sacra Famiglia di Comonte

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