Cornalita Church

The church in Cornalita was constructed around the Year 1000 and it is considered to be the most ancient church of San Giovanni Bianco.

It was consecrated in 1447 and dedicated to the Corporis Christi. The structure of the church consists of one nave where altars of the Virgin, S. Antonio from Padova and Presbyterian one (that preserves a part of frescoes` cycle depicted the scene of Christ`s life from the end of XV century) open.

Among the frescoes, there are also the Nursing Madonna in the sacristy, the pictorial cycle of the outside porch and frescoes of a chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary, all from the XV century.
Mariology had a great diffusion in Lombardy, but not only, and it was sought in the sphere of popular devotion.

Chiesa di Cornalita
Chiesa di Cornalita – Ph. Tarcisio Bottani

Chiesa di Cornalita
Chiesa di Cornalita – Ph. Polo Culturale Mercatorum e Priula

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