Friars Bridge

The Bridge of Friars owes its name to brothers Cappuccini that had built it in 1690-1699, after the construction of the convent Cappuccini in 1640, on the left bank of Brembo river, in the area of San Gallo, in favour of passage between San Gallo and San Giovanni Bianco.
Friars have been developing their beneficiary work for 150 years, until 1798 when the monastery was abolished by the Cisalpina Republic.

With the new government, the monastery has been put on sale and bought by the Count Pietro Giupponi in 1799 that also obtained the property of the Bridge of Friars, followed by Madam Mary Guerinoni Piccinelli and the municipality of San Giovanni Bianco in 1891.

The bridge has survived ruinous floods of river Brembo, in particular, those in 1842 and in July of 1873.

Ponte dei Frati
Ponte dei Frati – Ph. Polo Culturale Mercatorum e Priula

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