Bordogna House

Among the buildings of the “noble level” stands out the one of the Bordogna family, characterised by two coat of arms frescoed on the main facade.

At the beginning of the 16th century the Bordognas became relatives of the Tassos, because of the marriage between Mr Bono Bordogna and Mrs Elisabetta Tasso, sister of the postmasters of the Empire. So at this point a new dynasty was born: the Taxis-Bordogna, who were postmasters of the postal services of Trento and Bolzano till the end of the 18th cent.

Among the most famous families of Cornello there is also the Giupponi family, whose members had very important roles among the managers of the postal service of the Venetian Republic.

Palazzo Bordogna
Palazzo Bordogna – Ph. Tarcisio Bottani

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