Ruins of Tasso Family’s Old Palace

Separated from the village, the ruins of the palace stands on a rocky spur with an obvious position of guard to the valley.

The building dates back to the feudal age and might have hosted the first family members, who came to the Brembana Valley as vassals of lords from Almenno (Bergamo).

Today, all the remains of this fortified palace are the foundations, part of the supporting wall and an elegant arch which lends dignity and nobility to the ruins. At the beginning this building should have been much more impressive, as a 17th-century print shows the building without a roof, but still standing several storeys high. Other drawings show a rather tall building on the left, with five level of windows with the adjoining terraced structures and roofs that can still be seen today.

Rovine dell'antico palazzo Tasso
Rovine dell’antico palazzo Tasso – Ph. Tarcisio Bottani

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